Legacy of Spain in art of the New World

Available only in Spanish language, this course takes place over 3 consecutive days at the Museo del Prado Auditorium in Madrid or may be attended online from anywhere in the world during the month of July.

10 renown specialists shed light on the European influence and resulting artistic mestizaje taking place from the 16th to 19th centuries in the Spanish new world, particularly in the Viceroys of New Spain and Perú. 

The course is organized by the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado and is part of the Complutense University of Madrid summer course series. 

Click for more info and to enroll: Prado Museum auditorium or online
Of the ensemble of distinguished professors, Ramón Gutiérrez and Pedro Navascués will address urban planning and religious architecture, while Nelly Siguat, Miguel Ángel Castillo, Fátima Halcón and Cristina Esteras will delve into painting, sculpture and silverwork artistic expressions
Music of the period will be covered by María Nagore and Literature from the writer, Nélida Piñon. 
The overall history and social context will be included through the intervention of Miguel Luque and Luisa Elena Alcalá.