William B. Jordan donates a Velázquez

Click on the painting image to magnify.

William B. Jordan donates the portrait of King Philip III
of Spain to American Friends of the Prado Museum,
a breakthrough attribution to Diego Velázquez.

This historic discovery by Jordan, corroborated
with the Museo del Prado, is an oil on canvas believed
to be a preparatory portrait for the artist´s epic composition
of The expulsion of the Moriscos lost in the Alcazar
fire of 1734 in Madrid.

William B. Jordan and the portrait of Philip III

The portrait of Philip III will be displayed in the
Velázquez galleries in the near future, complementing
the magnificent collection of royal portraits and adding
a new aspect as a
 preparatory portrait by the artist.

The gift is a landmark commencement for American

Friends of the Prado Museum in its mission to support,
preserve and disseminate knowledge of the excellent
European artistic heritage held by the Museo del Prado.

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