Collaborate with one of the great collections of European art and enjoy:

  • Free entry skipping the line
  • Welcome at Friends Info Point inside the Museum
  • E-newsletter with updated info on the Museum and its exhibits
  • Discounts at Museum store and cafeteria
  • Tax deductible in the US to the extent permitted by law
Annual donation
  • Free, preferred entry for one person for one year
  • Free, preferred entry for two persons for one year
  • Reservation for two persons on our Guided visit program in English. See Calendar.
  • Free, preferred entry for up to six persons for one year
  • Arrange a customized guided visit at the Prado
  • Free, preferred entry for member and guests for one year
  • Arrange an early entry, private, guided visit at the Museum
  • Enjoy other guided visits offered by Friends of the Prado
  • Access to active learning workshops focused on art and creativity
For information contact Christina Simmons,
  • Champion the Prado Museum and support important projects
  • Personalized program
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